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How to Unlock Your AT&T iPhone to Swap to Another Service Provider?

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How to Unlock Your AT&T iPhone to Swap to Another Service Provider?

By default, Apple’s iPhone is a world cellphone — that means that, all variables notwithstanding, you’re capable of take the handset wherever you want on this planet, and make the most of any SIM (on any provider, domestic or worldwide) — just by swapping out the SIM card at your discretion. That is, of course, if you are going to buy the unlocked iPhone version direct from Apple’s web site or retail shop.

And whereas some domestic carriers — such as Verizon Wireless, for instance — promote an already unlocked machine, even by way of their very own retail channels, not every single U.S. provider affords clients the same freedom to change at their leisure. AT&T, for instance, that nation’s second largest wireless provider, deliberately locks Apple’s iPhone to its networks — so even if you happen to, say, change to a T-Mobile SIM card, for example, you wouldn’t be capable of this.  At the least, not with out unlocking the machine your self.

“But how the heck do I do this?” you could be wondering, and it’s with that sentiment in mind that we’ve gone forward and broken down the method. So read on to find out — not only the easiest way to determine if your AT&T iPhone is locked or unlocked, already, but additionally, the way to unlock it in the event that is actually locked.For starters, AT&T WILL unlock your iPhone nonetheless, there’s a certain, discreet set of standards you’ll have to fulfill to ensure that Big Blue to even consider your request…(However don’t worry if you don’t mean some of these standards, I’ll tell you how you can get past them later, read on.)

1. The iPhone in question should be designed to be used on, and currently locked to, AT&T’s wireless network.

2. It needs to be YOUR iPhone — it can’t have been previously reported as lost, stolen, insurance claimed, blocked or barred.

3. The iPhone can’t be associated with fraudulent activity.

4. Pending or pre-existing service agreements, and/or month-to-month payment plans, have to be fulfilled; and, if applicable, all early termination charges have to be paid in full.

5. The iPhone in query can’t currently be active on another AT&T customer’s account.

6. You’ll have to wait out the full, 14-day buyer’s remorse period before you may request an iPhone unlock — that’s, for those who took AT&T up on it’s early upgrade program.

7. Your account must have been active for at least 60 days, with no overdue or unpaid balances, in an effort to qualify.

Now that’s a lot of terms to check, is there an easier way?

Well actually yes. First of all you’re more than welcome to check if you hit the all the criteria to qualify for an unlock. However we get a lot of people telling us they’ve bought a second hand iPhone or it’s been given to them and they don’t know if their devices hits the criteria and they don’t have the means to check. 

That’s ok, take a deep breath, chill. There are unlocking services like ours that will take care of all of this for you. There are usually 3 types of AT&T unlock services offered to take care of the unlock you need, these are Regular, Semi-Premium, and Premium. They get more expensive the more premium unlock you need. If you are unsure, just purchase the cheapest unlock, and if it fails, we’ll ask you to purchase the correct one with your original payment subtracted from final cost of the more premium unlock. If you don’t want to purchase the more expensive one, we’ll just refund 100% of your money.

1. Regular. This is the easiest, quickest and cheapest. This is purchased from our iPhone Unlock page, and unlocks devices that are “clean and out of contract”. All you need to do is tick the box when booking your unlock that says your device is “Clean and Out of Contract”. Once the unlock is purchased you will receive and email letting you know your device is officially unlocked and how to activate the unlock.

2. Semi- Premium. This slightly more expensive and takes care of when a customers iPhone is still under contract. To purchase this unlock, on the AT&T iPhone unlock page, don’t tick the box that says your iPhone is “Clean and Out of Contract”.

3. Premium.  This is the most expensive and because of this, customers don’t have the option to purchase it right away. This is for when a customer has unpaid bills or other issues that won’t permit a regular unlock. We don’t offer this right away because we found customers were purchasing this when they didn’t need to, and spending more than they needed to. So now we’ve changed it so you can purchase a Semi-Premium AT&T iPhone unlock instead, and if it get’s rejected, we’ll then offer you the more expensive one. If you don’t want the more expensive one, we’ll just refund you, no questions asked.

So to wrap it up with a shameful plug of our services, if you want your iPhone unlocked from AT&T in a quick, painless and risk free way, checkout our homepage Fill out the two part form to tell us which iPhone you have, then from the next page simply purchase the unlock you think you need and we’ll get to work.

I hope you found this useful, I know unlocking iPhone’s can be a pain with so many if’s, buts and conditions, we try to make the whole process as simple and as painless as possible. If you’ve found this useful or have any thoughts, please let me know in the comments section below. 

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